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Landowner Resources in Texas and Oklahoma

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Additional resources for landowners with white-tailed deer management goals:


In Oklahoma, landowners, hunt clubs or lease operators can enroll in Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's (ODWC) Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). This program allows landowners to set their own management goals and receive state assistance in reaching harvest goals. DMAP cooperators and ODWC also collect detailed biological information on deer that are harvested to track progress and make informed management decisions.


Texas, landowners can enroll in Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's (TPWD) Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP). This program, like DMAP, gives landowners greater freedom to manage deer herds and habitat on their land. Texas landowners have the opportunity to work with TPWD biologists to receive customized habitat and deer harvest recommendations and MLDP harvest tags.

Drop netZach Johnson, a Texas A&M University student, and Cody Dean, an Oklahoma State University student, set up a drop net at the Noble Research Institute's Oswalt Ranch near Marietta, Oklahoma. In September 2017, these drop nets were used to capture white-tailed deer does, which were then fitted with GPS collars as part of research led by Stephen Webb, Ph.D. Webb will study how deer, feral hogs and cattle (both of which also were or will be fitted with GPS collars) interact and influence one another, as well as their general behavior and how they respond to rangeland management practices.

Josh Gaskamp serves as the technical consultation manager and a wildlife and range consultant at Noble Research Institute. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in wildlife and fisheries sciences from Texas A&M University. He joined Noble Research Institute in 2007 after working as a hunting guide and gun-dog trainer on the King Ranch. Gaskamp's research on drop-nets as a potential tool for feral hog control led him to develop the BoarBuster™ suspended corral trap. His areas of interest include habitat management for wildlife, prescribed fire, and feral hog impacts.