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Ag News and Views: September 2016

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Survey examines Oklahoma, Texas meat goat industry

We surveyed meat goat producers to better understand the industry and discover potential benefits and challenges.

New consultant wants to know producers' record-keeping needs

Myriah Johnson, Ph.D., joins the Noble Research Institute as an agricultural economics consultant.

Calf Book app provides alternative to scratch paper

Calf Book gives cattle producers a simple way to store calving information about their herds.

Plots evaluate cover crops in warm-season perennial pastures

In fall 2014, we began demonstration plots of various cover crops overseeded into warm-season perennial grass pastures.

White-tailed deer managers should focus on three concepts

Limited progress occurs when managers of free-ranging deer focus on superficial issues.

Record-keeping promotes decision-making success

Record-keeping is just as vital to a farm or ranch as fixing fence, cutting hay and working cattle.