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Ag News and Views: January 2015

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Artificial insemination increases profits

Estrus synchronization and timed artificial insemination are an economically viable alternative to owning a bull if the producer has multiple bulls.

Carry capacity influences leased land value

Profits from grain and livestock enterprises generally impact the rental rates on lands that are used to grow these commodities.

Cold increases nutrient requirements

We have a tendency to balance winter rations for cows in two phases: non-lactating, in the middle third of pregnancy (dry); and then post-calving, in peak lactation (wet). Using nutritional requirements for the average weight of the cow herd, it's simple to come up with two feeding regimes; one for before calving and one for after calving.

Data analysis provides value for receiving stockers

During the course of conducting grazing research at the Noble Research Institute, we routinely receive and "straighten out" stocker cattle.

Grazing affects plant root growth

I've always kind of known that grazing management affects roots, but it was made crystal clear to me this past summer when I was introduced to some work published by F.J. Crider in 1955.

Hog sounder size should determine trap choice

Trapping probably is the most effective feral hog control technique available to most land managers.

Rangelands produce important ecosystem services

About 35 percent of U.S. lands are classified as rangeland, they provide our society with a variety of goods and services that support our standard of living and quality of life.