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Ag News and Views: April 2015

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Cattle transitioning to wheat require acclimation period

An observation that has been made when turning cattle out on lush wheat pastures is that a transition occurs in which cattle may only maintain or even lose weight for a period of time.

Early management promotes healthy pasture

The spring growing season is at hand. Therefore, it is time to develop management plans for our warm season pastures.

New crop insurance option protects producers

The USDA established the Rainfall Index Annual Forage Plan in May 2013. The program offers castrophic risk and/or buy-up coverage to producers who annually plant crops used for livestock feed.

Proper management increases weed control success

A well-managed and properly stocked pasture should not need herbicides every year. A little time spent scouting may save you a lot of unnecessary time and money on spraying when your weed population is not high enough to justify it.

Restored turkey populations inhabit Southern Great Plains

Unregulated hunting and habitat loss reduced wild turkey numbers, almost to extinction, in some areas by the early 1900s. However, due to the efforts of wildlife agencies, the birds have recovered in most areas.