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Cattlemen's conference answers producers questions

Posted Mar. 1, 2013

When was the last time you found yourself in a daze, amazed at how different things are in the beef cattle industry than they were just a few years ago? Do you find yourself asking questions like: "How can I get one more calf out of the cows I have left?" "Where could I cut expenses?" or "How many more years of drought will we experience?"

The Noble Foundation may be able to provide answers to these questions at the 2013 Texoma Cattlemen's Conference, Thursday, March 14, at the Ardmore Convention Center. This year's theme is Focus on Efficiency, with topics ranging from the changing climate and regional weather forecasts to managing the beef herd and streamlining ranch operations to enhance efficiencies. The Noble Foundation has invited national and regional experts to this year's conference to speak on these subjects and more.

The moderator for this year's event is one of the best known radio voices in rural Oklahoma, Ron Hays of the Oklahoma Farm Report. His daily news and updates on the agricultural front have kept farmers and ranchers in Oklahoma well informed for decades. Hays is truly the voice of agriculture in Oklahoma, and we are pleased to have him as our event moderator.

Dr. Evelyn Browning-Garriss, nationally renowned historical climatologist, will start off the conference. Her presentation, What Affects our Long-term Weather and the Outlook Through 2025, will explain the changing North American climate, including the effects of ocean temperatures and recent volcanic activity.

Dr. John Feldt, nationally known climatologist, will follow with Near-term Weather Indicators. Feldt will discuss the tools and indicators used to predict near-term weather events, expected El Niño weather effects and the weather forecast for the remainder of 2013.

Chuck Coffey, Noble Foundation consultant, will discuss historical data from the Oklahoma Climatological Survey in Oklahoma Weather: Past, Present, Future. Coffey will correlate historical data with the different multi-decadal oceanic oscillations in an effort to predict weather probabilities in the Southern Great Plains over the next 10 to 20 years.

Hugh Aljoe, Noble Foundation consultation program manager, will discuss methods to actively monitor forage production and manage stocking rate relative to seasonal rainfall with his presentation, Looking Ahead at Rangeland Health. Aljoe will reveal a few simple tools to help producers in their management.

Innovations for the Future will be presented by Dr. Billy Cook, Noble Foundation Agricultural Division Director. Cook will discuss some innovative technologies the Noble Foundation is using to research beef cattle feed and forage efficiency (including GrowSafe systems) and how these tools may be used to enhance future beef production.

Dr. Ron Gill, Texas AgriLife Extension Beef Cattle specialist, will speak on Improving Beef Herd Efficiency Through Enhanced Management. Gill will identify areas within the beef cattle production system where operational efficiencies can be improved, including specific management tools and techniques for achieving results.

To wrap up the conference, Dr. Derrell Peel, OSU Extension livestock marketing specialist, will cover Economic Efficiencies and Competitiveness in the Beef Industry. Peel will take a look from an economics perspective at indicators and available tools that will promote beef industry sustainability.

The Texoma Cattlemen's Conference is the Agricultural Division's premier one-day conference for 2013. We have designed the schedule around the major issues facing beef producers in the Southern Great Plains and have booked some of the industry's top experts. It is an event you will not want to miss.

Registration opens at 8 a.m., and the conference will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration is $35 and includes lunch. The event will also feature a trade show and door prizes.

To register, visit www.noble.org/events or contact Jackie Kelley at 580.224.6360.