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Ag News and Views: June 2013

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Drought must be considered when applying prescribed fire

Fire is a natural process to which plant communities have adapted. Drought, which in recent years has been a major issue in the Southern Great Plains, is also a natural process to which these plant communities have adapted.

Forage allowance determines stocking

Why is forage allowance important? Forage allowance is related to the more familiar variable - stocking rate.

Healthy soil aids drought and flood management

Other than the lack or abundance of precipitation, the reason for droughts and floods is the soil's inability to effectively absorb and release water.

Small farm project demonstrates basic land management

One challenge facing the agriculture industry is the ever changing educational needs of producers. A growing segment of landowners are new producers who want to pursue a rural lifestyle or fulfill a dream of participating in agriculture.

Studies examine nontraditional bermudagrass fertilizers

Numerous nontraditional fertilizers are being marketed with little replicated research demonstrating their effectiveness compared to traditional commercial sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.