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Laboratory Analysis Changes

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In April 2012, the Noble Research Institute changed its contract laboratory for analytical services (soil, water, manure, lime and fertilizer) from Ward Laboratories, Inc., in Kearney, Neb., to Servi-Tech Laboratory Services in Amarillo, Texas. Cooperators and customers of the Noble Research Institute, however, should see very few differences.

Both laboratories use the same extractants and analytical methods, so analysis numbers should be comparable. Noble Research Institute consultants will still make recommendations, so there will be no change in this part of the procedure.

Prices for soil samples will go up by 75 cents per sample, from $9.49 to $10.24 per sample. Prices for irrigation water quality, manure, lime quality and fertilizer tests are higher with the new laboratory; therefore, contact us for prices before sending your samples to determine whether you want to use Servi-Tech or send the samples to an alternate labora- tory. If you wish to send samples to a different laboratory, we will assist you in your search.

In summary, while the laboratory we use to analyze our samples has changed, most cooperators and customers will not notice any change except for a 75 cents per sample increase in soil sample price. For more information, contact the Noble Research Institute Agricultural Testing Services at 580-224-6480 or visit noble.org/ag/services/testing/.

Eddie Funderburg, Ed.D., previously served as a senior soils and crops consultant at Noble Research Institute, from 2000-2021. His bachelor’s degree is from Louisiana Tech University and his master’s degree and doctorate are from Louisiana State University. Before coming to Noble Research Institute, he worked at Mississippi State University and Louisiana State University as state extension soil specialist.