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Ag News and Views: January 2012

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2012: Drought Recovery or Drought Persistence?

As I write this month's article, most producers are feeling more optimistic because we have had some rain and it has cooled off. The 100-plus degree days of the past summer are a bad memory.

Exploiting the Financial Fruits of Farm and Ranch Records

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to analyze your agricultural operation's economic performance. For those who maintained accurate operational production and financial records, the good news is that a great deal of valuable information can be gleaned from them.

Oklahoma and Texas Resources for Feral Hog Control

Winter is an excellent time to implement control of feral hogs. There are a few resources available for Oklahoma and Texas hunters and trappers.

Plan Stocking Rate Based on Rainfall

Even with the rains during the fall of 2011, much of Oklahoma and Texas is still under drought advisories. Long-term forecasts are not promising for abundant rainfall during the spring or summer of 2012.