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Ag News and Views: March 2011

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Filamentous Algae

Filamentous algae are a common concern among pond owners. Sometimes referred to as pond scum or incorrectly as moss, filamentous algae include hundreds of species; many are true algae, while several are cyanobacteria.

Five Ways to Stretch Your Fertilizer Dollar

With many analysts predicting that fertilizer use will return to normal levels during 2011 and expected tight supplies, higher prices are on the way.

Springtime Is Pasture and Range "Go Time"

Springtime in pasture and range management is "go time." As I start thinking about spring, here are some of the planning thoughts filling my head.

The Economics of Hoop House Fruits and Vegetables

A hoop house is "a freestanding or gutter-connected covered structure, without heating or electrical power, using passive ventilation for air exchange and cooling, and an irrigation system for crop...