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Ag News and Views: January 2011

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Changing Consultation to Meet the Needs of Producers

The Noble Research Institute Agricultural Division's consultation program underwent numerous changes between the middle of 2009 and the end of 2010 to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

Clearing Up Some Tall Fescue Misconceptions

One of the major forage research emphasis areas here at the Noble Research Institute is developing perennial cool-season grass grazing systems that will take the place of annual cool-season forage systems.

Ground Shrinkage

Most people who have hunted deer any length of time have probably experienced a similar situation. The phenomenon of "ground shrinkage" can be defined as when a harvested buck turns out to be smaller on the ground than he appeared in life.

Managing Risk in Volatile Times

Agriculture input and commodity prices seemed to be on a rollercoaster during the last few months of 2010, with the inclines being longer and more sustained than the short dips down. This left general price levels much higher than forecasts of only a few short months ago.

New Year's Pasture Resolutions

Each January we make New Year's resolutions with the best of intentions. Of course, we all promise to eat better and exercise more, but have you ever given any thought to making resolutions about your pastures?