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Ag News and Views: December 2011

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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Stocker cattle producers have many challenges to manage: animal health, increasing costs of inputs and fluctuating cattle prices. However, one of the most difficult challenges may be Mother Nature.

Choose Your Agricultural Enterprise

Individuals new to agriculture often seek direction on how they should get started with their agricultural business. As a consultant, I interpret this to mean that someone needs help developing a checklist of steps to take in order to achieve a defined goal.

Fall and Winter Management of Toxic Tall Fescue

The Noble Research Institute recently undertook a study that may shed some light on management strategies for dealing with toxic tall fescue during fall and winter.

The Noble Research Institute Poly Pipe Hoop House

Sometime around 2000, I began demonstrating the use of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in hoop house construction. My interest in using poly pipe was primarily to find a lower cost alternative to steel pipe.

Winterizing Sprayers

Finalizing the winter livestock feeding program is a priority for producers at the end of each year. It's also a good time to look at another important fall/early winter activity: winterizing equipment, especially sprayers.