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Ag News and Views: September 2010

2012 Fertilizer Prices Impact Hay Production Costs

This article was updated in June 2012. Most hay producers want to produce hay as profitably as possible. Establishing economic goals is the first step towards profitability. Once goals are...

Distribution of Feral Hog in Oklahoma

Feral hogs are wild hogs from domestic ancestry and belong to the family Suidae. Three types of wild hogs can be found in the United States: feral, Eurasian and hybrids between these two types. Most, if not all, wild hogs in Oklahoma are feral hogs.

Establishing Winter Pasture: Start Out Right

Productive winter pasture can be a valuable asset, but can also be expensive to establish and grow.

Extending the Grazing Season: It's Not Too Late

The growing season is winding down, but from a forage production standpoint, an active growing season still lies ahead.

Focus To Accomplish More

The Noble Research Institute Agricultural Division assists agricultural producers and land stewards in attaining their financial, quality-of-life and stewardship goals. Although a goal may be easily defined, accomplishing it can be complicated.