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Ag News and Views: October 2010

Armyworms Return for 2010

Over the last several weeks of summer 2010, we have had numerous reports from northern Texas and southern Oklahoma of armyworm outbreaks. Armyworms have caused significant damage or stand loss in early planted small grains, alfalfa, bermudagrass and even tall fescue.

Culling Bucks

Most people who manage or hunt white-tailed deer on private land want to produce or harvest bucks with large antlers. Three primary factors influence antler size: age, nutrition and genetics.

Let's Get 'em Next Year

All sports fans know that when the team didn't do as well as expected this year, there's always next year. Weed control can work like that too. If you didn't get the sandburs this year, make plans now to get 'em next year.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Lyrics from this popular 1953 song talk about how a person does not have to spend large amounts of money to make a big impression on another - it's the little things that count.

Schedule Vegetable Plantings for Continuous Harvest

When developing a planting schedule, keep in mind there is no schedule that can guarantee a continuous harvest. Assuming your crops survive multiple assaults there will always be annual variance in soil temperature and moisture content, air temperature and sunlight availability.