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Ag News and Views: November 2010

Challenges To Economic Recovery

The recession that began in December 2007 has been different than past recessions for a variety of reasons, and the recovery also looks different. Why is the recovery taking longer than it has in the past and how may this affect rural economies?

Manage for the Pasture You Want

Manage for the forage that you want and you might be pleasantly surprised at the response of your target species.

Planning Your Winter Feeding Program for Profitability

How would you like to save $15 per cow on your winter feeding bill? What if I told you it could easily be done by making one timely change in what you are feeding your cows grazing on native grass pasture?

Smoke Management for Prescribed Burning

One aspect of prescribed burning that people often overlook is smoke management. Smoke impacts not only the burn crew during a burn, but public safety, health and perception of prescribed burning as well.

Switchgrass Yield and Quality Trials

In 2008 and 2009, we recorded production and quality data from Alamo switchgrass grown on a slaughterville fine sandy loam soil near Burneyville, Okla.

You'd Better Watch Out...Fertilizer Thieves are Coming to Town

Certain people use fertilizer for reasons other than increasing crop yield namely for explosives and for drug manufacturing. Fertilizer theft is an increasing problem, but agricultural producers can take steps to protect their fertilizer stores from thieves.