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Ag News and Views: March 2010

AI Calving Distribution

Most cattle producers know that the textbook gestation length of beef cattle is 283 days. Most also realize that biology is variable, and predicting the exact day of natural birth in most mammalian species is very difficult to do.

Deer Poaching - Is There a Solution?

The Noble Research Institute Agricultural Research Team is investigating the effects of hunter density on male white-tailed deer movements in southern Oklahoma. This is a collaborative study to further understanding of the impacts that hunter density and hunting pressure have on male white-tailed deer behavior, movement patterns and survivability.

No-Till Fails For These 10 Reasons

While many people are convinced no-till is the way to farm, many others are convinced it does not work. Clearly no-till farming can work, but failures typically occur because of one or more reasons.

Tax Implications of Using Risk Management Strategies

Most of our nation's agricultural producers have experienced significant volatility both in the prices they receive for the commodities they produce and in the prices they pay for inputs.