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Ag News and Views: February 2010

Advantages of a Business Plan for Small Farm Operations

Small farms should manage their operations similarly to larger agricultural enterprises to ensure long-term sustainability. To achieve this goal, substantial planning and development of a comprehensive business plan is key.

Environmental Considerations When Burning

When planning a prescribed burn, there are many environmental factors to consider including topography, fuel loads and weather.

How Can Farming and Ranching Survive?

Approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population is involved in farming or ranching. Of that number, more than half are small operators. Therefore, less than 1 percent of our population is truly engaged in farming.

Planning the Pasture Management Year

A great pasture manager is one who pays attention to the details and realizes the first step of pasture management is the "plan."

Producer's Perspective: Winter Supplementation

During winters in Texas and Oklahoma, grass quality decreases to the point that most cattle producers have to provide supplemental feed for their cattle.