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Ag News and Views: February 2010

Advantages of a Business Plan for Small Farm Operations

Small farms should manage their operations similarly to larger agricultural enterprises to ensure long-term sustainability. To achieve this goal, substantial planning and development of a comprehensive business plan is key.

Environmental Considerations When Burning

When planning a prescribed burn, there are many environmental factors to consider including topography, fuel loads and weather.

How Can Farming and Ranching Survive?

Approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population is involved in farming or ranching. Of that number, more than half are small operators. Therefore, less than 1 percent of our population is truly engaged in farming.

Planning the Pasture Management Year

A great pasture manager is one who pays attention to the details and realizes the first step of pasture management is the "plan."

Producer's Perspective: Winter Supplementation

During winters in Texas and Oklahoma, grass quality decreases to the point that most cattle producers have to provide supplemental feed for their cattle.

Resolving the "Wiregrass" Problem

Over the last few years, we pasture and range consultants have received a number of inquiries from producers wanting to know how to get rid of "wiregrass" in their pastures.