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Ag News and Views: August 2010

Analyzing New Product Studies

Whether you raise crops, forages or animals, there seems to be a constant flow of new products into the agricultural marketplace. You see advertisements in trade publications, at stores and farm shows, and on the Internet and television. How do you know if these new products really work?

Culling Without the Bells and Whistles

Culling is the process of removing cows that no longer have a place in an operation. What criteria should the rancher use in making culling decisions?

First Steps to Pasture Improvement

Introduced pastures, such as bermudagrass, can be rapidly improved through proper fertility, weed control and grazing management. However, native grass pastures are a different beast altogether.

How Accurate is Aging Deer on the Hoof?

As managers and sportsmen become more aware of the importance of age in antler production, selective harvest management programs become increasingly popular. The use of physical characteristics to estimate ages of deer in the field is often the basis of harvest decisions.

Planning For Your Estate Transfer

The time will eventually come when each one's estate will be transferred to another person or persons. No one knows exactly when that time will be, but it is often assumed that it will be later rather than sooner.

Research Strategy in the Agricultural Division

The Agricultural Division maintains two primary efforts: consultation and research. The research mission is to assist agricultural producers in attaining their goals through effective research. The...