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Ag News and Views: April 2010

Basic AG Program Brings Educational Opportunities

In 2010, as an extension of the consultation program, the Noble Research Institute is providing a new educational effort to producers who are just entering agriculture.

Belated Bull Preparation

When spring-calving season is over or almost complete, then the next breeding season is already beginning or just around the corner.

Diet of Rio Grande Turkeys

Food is a critical habitat component for any wildlife species. What do we know about the diet of the Rio Grande turkey?

Grazing Preference of Warm-Season Perennial Grasses

During the summers of 2007-2009, Noble Research Institute interns conducted a grazing preference study using stocker-weight cattle on a series of warm-season perennial grasses that were established in 1998. The results were worthwhile and a bit surprising.

Israeli Agriculture and Its Promise for Oklahoma

I had the privilege of participating in a 10-day agriculture mission to Israel focused on their greenhouse and plasticulture industry.

Research Evaluates Pasture Weed Control with Herbicide

One of the most common subjects that Noble Research Institute consultants are asked about each spring is weed control in pastures.

The Economic Potential of Alternative Nutrient Sources

When visiting with cattle producers, I often hear that commercial fertilizer is too expensive. To help determine if fertilizer prices are pricing them out of the market, there are two options a producer can consider to see if they can afford conventional fertilizer.