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Companies that Purchase Naturally Produced Cattle

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After the release of the article Premiums Being Offered for Natural Beef Cattle in May 2009, there was a large response from beef cattle producers across the United States requesting additional information from the Noble Research Institute about how they can participate in the marketing of their naturally produced beef cattle. Specifically, producers requested information about companies that offer premiums for naturally produced cattle and how these companies can be contacted. To provide more information to those producing or who are thinking about producing natural beef, we posted contact information of companies who purchase naturally produced beef on our Web site at www.noble.org/Ag/Economics/Natural-Beef-Companies (Table 1). To the best of our knowledge, these companies currently pay premiums to producers for their naturally produced beef cattle. While we recognize that this list is not inclusive of all buyers of natural beef, we plan to expand the list as other companies who purchase naturally produced beef from ranchers are brought to our attention.

Information in Table 1 identifies companies that purchase naturally produced beef. It also differentiates between companies that purchase feeder cattle and those that purchase finished cattle. Feeder cattle were identified as cattle weighing below 900 pounds and have not entered the finishing phase of livestock production. Finished cattle were classified as natural beef and cattle greater than 1,100 pounds that have ended the finishing phase of livestock production. The table also identifies contact information, including phone numbers and Web site addresses of the companies that will speak with cattle producers about marketing naturally produced beef. Web sites often provide a general overview of each of the marketing companies, contact details and other valuable information. An expanded version of Table 1 on our Web site lists the names of the contacts at these companies.

This information should prove valuable for natural beef cattle producers in seeking and receiving premiums for producing natural beef. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at 580.224.6443 or jdspringer@noble.org.