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Ag News and Views: October 2009

Cattle Cycle Book Benefits Producers

Having a good working knowledge of the cattle cycle is one of the keys for economic success in the livestock business. This is true whether one is in a cow-calf operation, a forage grazing operation, a feedyard operation or a beef cattle slaughter/processing company.

Feel Like Sneezing?

Juniper pollen is a major cause of seasonal allergies, but the exact number of people negatively affected by junipers is unknown.

Helping Agriculture in a Time of Change

In 1945, Lloyd Noble established Noble Research Institute to provide support and education for farmers and ranchers in an effort to better their lives and secure the land for future generations.

Maintaining Your Operation

Preventive and corrective maintenance for tractors and other equipment is a routine on the farm. From a soil and crops perspective, let's look at some maintenance that needs to be performed on your operation.

Using GPS to Measure Fine-scale Deer Movements

Knowledge of movement behaviors of white-tailed deer helps us better understand their needs and requirements, and enables us to develop better management strategies for the species.