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Ag News and Views: November 2009

Crop Rotation and Alternatives to Wheat

In the Noble Research Institute service area within 100 miles of Ardmore, Okla., a lot of wheat is grown. Is this simply because wheat is what we grew last year, and the year before and the year before that?

Determining Farm Profitability

Many agricultural operations fail to determine if they are making a profit. Some think that spending money to create taxable losses to offset non-farm income is a good idea.

Fertilize for Optimum Economic Yields

With the variability of fertilizer prices, it is essential that fertilization schedules be updated and in harmony with optimal economic yield.

Planning for Fall and Winter Forage

Those of us who planted winter pasture this September are enjoying excellent pasture conditions with stocking rates of 400-600 pounds of beef per acre. This is likely the best fall you have seen since 1994.

Supplement Conversion Ratio

Most cattle producers are familiar with the term "feed conversion." It is simply the amount of feed an animal consumes as compared to the amount of body weight gained, expressed as a ratio.

The Future of Hunting Is In Danger

The year is 2015 and after years of debate among conservation organizations, pro-hunting organizations, animal rights activists and antihunting groups, all forms of hunting in the United States have been banned by the federal government. Is this a real possibility?