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Ag News and Views: October 2008

Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture

Microbes include fungi, bacteria and viruses. Farmers and ranchers often think of microbes as pests that are destructive to their crops or animals, but many microbes are beneficial.

Cost of Production

Between the autumns of 2006 and 2008, we have seen some real volatility in the cattle and grain markets. This condition has forced producers to reevaluate how they go about doing business. We have seen prices for corn double, and fertilizer and fuel triple.

Drilling Mud - Application to Pasture and Farmland

Lately it seems that those of us in the soils and crops discipline have received more questions about land application of drilling mud or "mud farming."

Good Hay - A Good Deal This Winter

High feed prices have many cattlemen concerned about what to feed this winter. Many think that hay is overpriced and all supplements are too expensive to feed. If this is your situation, now is the time to develop a least-cost winter feeding program.

Small Grain Nitrogen Management Options

Despite high grain prices, nitrogen management has become more challenging in small grain production because of continued increases in fertilizer prices. Both grain and forage yield potential are reduced without adequate fertilizer nitrogen.

What To Do With Extra Grass

With the much appreciated rains we received in August, available forage for grazing in the fall of 2008 is more abundant than we expected. And it couldn't have come at a better time.