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Ag News and Views: June 2008

Byproduct Supplements Affect Stocker Performance

Byproducts of industrial grain and oilseed processing have become increasingly popular as supplements in cattle diets. However, little is known about how different byproducts affect cattle gain on forage diets. Therefore, an experiment was conducted at the Noble Research Institute to compare five byproducts as supplements for growing beef steers.

Is Fertilizer Too High to Buy?

As we write this in mid-2008, fertilizer prices have reached all-time highs. How did we get to these price levels and how does an agricultural producer make sound economic decisions in this environment?

Learn to Recognize Venomous Snakes

Of the 46 species of snakes native to Oklahoma, only seven are venomous to humans. If you learn to identify the seven venomous species, then you will recognize other Oklahoma snakes as not dangerous, even though you may not be able to identify the species.

Legumes - More Valuable Now Than Ever

An increasingly common question asked by cooperators is "How many cows can I run if I don't fertilize anything"? Back in November of 2000, Jeff Ball and Dan Childs wrote a Ag News and Views article...

The Importance of Monitoring Livestock Water Quality

Rains in early 2008 have resulted in green pastures and full ponds for many cattle producers. This could ease your worries about water supplies for the summer, but will you have enough good quality water to get through the year?