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Ag News and Views: October 2007

Does Conservation Farming Pay for Winter Forage Production?

Over the past two decades, winter forage producers have been asking researchers if conservation farming practices are more economical than conventional practices. Studies dating back to mid-1980 have sought answers to these questions.

Establishing Native Grass

High fertilizer prices, the aesthetics of a rangeland prairie setting versus a monoculture forage base, and advantageous government cost-share programs have led to many acres being planted to native grass or rangeland over the past five to 10 years. Fall is a good time to look further into the pros and cons of this practice to prepare for the spring growing season.

Goats and Weed Control

With costs on the rise, many landowners are seeking less expensive alternatives to mechanical or chemical weed control in pastures. One natural method to achieve this goal is to stock goats to consume unwanted brush and weeds.

Staying Ahead by Pooling Resources

Let's face it - it is difficult to justify having haying equipment when all you have is 10 acres. However, if you and your neighbors can work together, why not pool your resources? Small acreage producers, and even larger producers, can benefit from associations and cooperatives.