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Ag News and Views: May 2007

Cross-Divisional Projects Benefit Producers and Researchers

In 1997, the Forage Improvement Division was established at the Noble Research Institute. It was challenged to start a program that focused on the development of perennial winter forages that could serve as high-quality, cost-reducing substitutes for annually produced winter forages.

Manage Habitat for Successful Bobwhite Nesting

May is when the northern bobwhite quail hatch begins, but several steps must occur first. Nest construction starts by creating a small bowl-shaped depression in the ground and covering it with last year's vegetation to form a dome.

Plan Ahead When Planting Pecan

We just had our inaugural pecan-planting workshop, where attendees were able to gain knowledge about planting pecan trees. Presenters gave tips on how to plant, planting locations, tree varieties, weed management and irrigation.

Preparing for Animal Emergencies

Assembling a good first aid kit in advance of a situation can be the difference between a minor or major emergency. It really doesn't matter if you are designing a kit for horses or cattle - the basics are still the same.

Producing Quality Bermudagrass for the Horse Industry

Southern Oklahoma and north Texas have become popular locations for the horse industry, which is primarily due to the major shows hosted annually in Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. As a result, there is an ever-increasing demand for high-quality bermudagrass hay.