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Revised Raised Bed Gardening Manual Now Online

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The Noble Research Institute's popular Permanent Raised Bed Gardening publication, first published in 1997, has undergone an extensive revision and is now accessible on the Noble Research Institute website at noble.org/news/publications/ag/horticulture/raised-bed-gardening/. Originally available as a two-volume set, the new version combines updated information from both volumes and introduces brand new material.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the subject matter, including source information for gardening materials and educational materials, we decided early in the revision process to offer the publication in an electronic format. The electronic format can be updated on a timelier basis and is less expensive to produce. The publication is also available in a "printer friendly" PDF version for anyone needing a hard copy for personal or classroom use.

The revised version contains several new sections including plans for constructing corrugated sheet metal raised beds and mini tunnels for season extension. Of all the different high-profile bed designs we've evaluated at the Noble Research Institute, the corrugated sheet metal design is the easiest and quickest to construct. Mini tunnels are ideal for gardeners wanting to utilize their raised beds throughout the year, but without the space or funds to construct a hoop house.

Expanded chapters on the application and use of plastic mulches and the selection and use of fertilizer injectors are also included in the revised version.

The appendix has been updated to include an expanded list of equipment and material merchandisers, complete with phone numbers and email addresses.

I hope you find our new and improved raised bed gardening publication useful. The techniques and procedures contained therein have been developed and refined at the Foundation horticulture research and demonstration center and are based on years of experience.

Check out Permanent Raised Bed Gardening, and be sure to tell a friend.

Steve Upson formerly served as a senior horticulture consultant and worked at Noble Research Institute since 1988. He received a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the Oklahoma State University and a master’s degree in horticulture from Kansas State University. Before joining Noble, he served as a county and area Extension horticulture specialist with the Oklahoma State University Extension service and managed a commercial market garden operation east of Kansas City, Missouri. His areas of interest include raised bed and container gardening, commercial market gardening, and high tunnel (hoop house) construction and management.