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Ag News and Views: January 2007

Back to Basics: The Roles of N, P, K and Their Sources

I want to use this article to address commonly asked questions regarding the role of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plants and outline the characteristics of their primary fertilizer sources.

Cattle Producers Must Plan for Higher Corn Prices

In fall and winter 2006, many folks wondered what the price of corn was going to do. Would it keep increasing? What was and still is causing it to go so high?

Grazing Management Will Affect Quail During Drought

If you have bobwhites calling your native pastures home, you probably have more grass than the neighbors. Bobwhites can be a good indicator of grazing management on native pastures.

New Tall Fescue Could Fill Fall-to-Spring Grazing Gap

In baseball, a good outfielder can "cover the gap." A new tall fescue that could do the same may be headed your way. The Forage Improvement Division's grass breeding program has developed a tall...

Replacements Key to 'Smart' Restocking

Since ranchers are traditionally optimistic, we now are thinking about restocking before the next growing season. Buying replacements that maintain or increase herd uniformity should be a primary focus of this effort.

Texas, Oklahoma Pecan Production Down in 2006

Just a few months ago, the United States Department of Agriculture predicted Oklahoma pecan production would be around 20 million pounds, and Texas production would be around 36 million pounds. However, by the time the final counts are in, it appears we may fall below these predictions.

Use These Strategies to Help Forage Stands Recover in 2007

Many Noble cooperators ask, "How do I thicken my stand back up?" Use these tips to develop a healthy stand that can bounce back quickly if rainfall returns to normal.