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Ag News and Views: February 2007

Artificial Insemination Can Work for Commercial Producers

Artificial insemination is one of the most effective tools available to enhance the productivity and profitability of beef cattle production systems. Even though this tool has been commercially available for more than 65 years, it is still dramatically underused in today's beef herds.

Corn Prices Shaping Up as Agriculture's Top Issue In 2007

It appears that 2007 is stacking up to be an exciting year for U.S. agriculture. A few of the issues worth watching are: Congress working on the new farm bill (especially with so many newly elected...

Nest Boxes Provide Nesting Habitat for Several Bird Species

Winter is the time to inspect, clean and repair existing nest boxes and erect new boxes for cavity-nesting birds. Nesting activity for some cavity-nesting species can begin during late January...

No-Till, Conventional Till Small Grain Forage Yields Equal

Some have questioned if tillage systems influence small grain forage production and if banding phosphorus (P) fertilizer near the seed provides any additional advantage in early forage production....

Take Steps to Reduce Risks Involved in Planting, Sprigging

2006 was one of the driest growing seasons on record, low rainfall translated to less forage production, low hay production, overgrazing and, in some cases, total stand losses.

Take the Mystery Out of Forage Production

How many of us have been scared by the fertilizer recommendation on our soil test results? To grow introduced forages to meet livestock demand or yield goal, it is important to fertilize according to a soil test recommendation.