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Ag News and Views: December 2007

Are Cattle Compatible with Wildlife?

Many landowners in Oklahoma and Texas are becoming increasingly interested in incorporating wildlife management into their cattle operations. Many variables can influence compatibility between wildlife and cattle, including, but not limited to, cattle stocking rate, species of wildlife, forage type, climate, etc.

Brush Control without Spraying Leaves

Some people want to control brush, but don't have a sprayer, have too much brush to use a sprayer or just want to do selective brush control. There are several options, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Effects of Limit Grazing on Animal Performance

Forage availability is frequently a limiting factor during the fall in winter annual grazing systems. Limit grazing has the potential to stretch limited, high quality forage resources further without depressing animal performance.

Finding Value in Switchgrass Today Through Cattle

Beginning in April 2008, we will evaluate the utilization and value of switchgrass for stocker cattle. Switchgrass may have value for stockers because of its early spring availability, high yields, perennial life form, wide adaptability and low fertilization requirements.

How Does Value of Gain Affect What You Can Pay for a Bull?

The price of corn in late 2007 is in the $3+ range, with little evidence that it might go down. Therefore, if live cattle prices stay near current levels, producers can expect the value of gain to stay near the current level of $.90-$1/cwt.

'Tis the Season for Tree Pruning

November through February are prime pruning months because it is the insect dormant season. Though you can prune at any point during the year, the wound provides a highway into the tree for insects, so the safest season to prune is during the winter months.