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Ag News and Views: April 2007

Consultation is the Agricultural Division's Primary Focus

Our consulting program appears to be a well-kept secret. As some of our staff visited with attendees during recent educational events, we became aware that many land managers near Ardmore, as well as those a few counties away, knew very little about the consulting service available from the Agricultural Division.

Corn Prices May Provide a "Shock" to 2007 Cattle Markets

Some cattle producers may face difficulties in this year's market - receiving lower prices for calves while paying more for supplemental feed.

Creep Grazing Techniques Can Benefit Cattle Operations

Creep grazing calves is a management practice allowing calves to graze designated areas - separately from the cows - where the forage quality is higher than the grazing pasture.

Drought in 2006 Leaves Challenges for 2007 Calving

Low body condition scores (BCS) brought on by the 2006 drought have left an ongoing challenge for cattle production. Low BCS may bring conception difficulties for spring-calving herds.

Even With High Nitrogen Prices, Proper Fertilization Pays

Fertilizer prices are high, but proper fertilization of forages can still provide less expensive feed than the alternatives.

Proper Stocking is a Key to Quality Fishing

A quality fishery begins with proper pond construction, proper water quality and proper initial stocking. Pond size and goals are the most critical factors when determining the number of fish to stock and the type of fishery.