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Ag News and Views: November 2006

Alfalfa Is 'Almost Permanent' Pasture

In recent years, grazing-type alfalfa varieties have been released, providing opportunities to livestock operations as a low-input, high-return forage, if managed properly; stands typically could last three to five years with good management.

Cleaner Summer Pastures Begin in Fall

Every summer, we are asked about controlling big weeds in pastures. But, by the time we get the question, most of the damage is done and options are limited.

New Program Links Oklahoma Farms and Schools

In case you haven't heard, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry signed legislation this past summer creating the Oklahoma Farm to School Program within the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF). The overarching goal of the program is to link Oklahoma farms and schools, creating new marketing opportunities for farmers and alternative sources of nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables for inclusion in school meals and snacks.

Source and Age Verification Can Add Value to Calves

Participation in a USDA-approved QSA or PVP is strictly voluntary, but it does provide the opportunity to add value to your calves - producers should review the available programs? procedures/guidelines and determine which program is best for them.

What To Do About Deer and the Drought...

The bottom line is that this drought will probably not have a long-term effect on deer populations, but it certainly has the potential to have some short-term effects.

What's the Value of Pregnancy Testing Beef Cows?

There are several components to a successful cow-calf management strategy - among them should be an effective strategy for culling unproductive cows from the herd.