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Did You Know? New Features on the Ag Division's Web Site

Posted Mar. 1, 2006

It hardly seems possible, but here we are, well into 2006. So, what's new? One thing you may not be aware of is NF Ag News and Views now is available electronically instead of in the printed format. If you would like to receive NF Ag News and Views via e-mail, please let us know and we will help you make the switch (see instructions). Additionally, if you haven't reviewed our Web site lately, we offer more new or improved services and updated features you may want to see and take advantage of. Recent updates include:

  1. enhanced listing services;
  2. a listing of upcoming Ag Division educational events;
  3. online registration capabilities for most events;
  4. availability of online payment for most events;
  5. Web pages for individual consultation teams;
  6. numerous agricultural tools or calculators; and
  7. a bunch of information that should prove useful.

Like most new things, these tools are works in progress; so, let us know if you have ideas that will improve them.

Many of you are familiar with our eCattleLog listing service, which has been enhanced to include other areas. To better describe what is offered, we now call these services the Agricultural Listing Directory. Under this broad heading, we not only have eCattleLog, but our Hunting and Recreational Lease Registry, our Custom Hire Listing and our Hay and Pasture Available Listings. You may recall that hay and pasture was formerly in eCattleLog, but now they are in a separate category. These are simple but highly effective tools for making others aware of what's available in the market. We have a lot more potential buyers (people looking at listings) than sellers (people making listings). If you have something to offer, put it in the Agricultural Listing Directory – you can't beat the price!

We also now have enhanced capabilities for delivering information about Ag Division educational events via the Web. We are always happy to visit with you and answer questions, but we are not always at the office. Notice we have several new and different events listed for 2006. I think you will enjoy attending them. I also hope you will appreciate the convenience and flexibility of having educational event details on the Web site. It can benefit you to register online and to make payment for events at the same time – you'll save time, a stamp and a check!

If you are working with one of our teams, you should like looking at the specialized team pages and reviewing information they think might help you and your operation. You should also find the agricultural tools or calculators useful to you in assessing situations or answering questions you have about a vast array of situations you may encounter.

Are you aware many Ag Division publications are available online? We hope you periodically review what is listed, because as new publications are developed, they are added to what was formerly shown. If I can be of assistance or help answer questions related to educational events, our Web site or services, please contact me at (580) 223-5810. We are always happy to interact with you.