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Ag News and Views: December 2006

Ag Division's Research Efforts Expanded in 2006

I'd like to take a few moments to reflect on the significant happenings in the research arena here in Noble's Agricultural Division during 2006.

Grass Won't Grow? How to Go From Lawn to Outdoor Specialty Area

Over the years, I have observed that we try to force nature to do unnatural things when it comes to landscaping homes and businesses.

Information Key in Designing Supplemental Feeding Program

Lack of forage (quantity and quality) is the cause of many cattle being in less-than-desirable body condition going into the winter - the next few months are going to be critical, regardless of whether your cows calve in the fall or spring, due to bull turn-out and calving season rapidly approaching.

Recordkeeping Can Uncover Hidden Profits, Costs

If you really want to be more efficient with your current enterprises, you need more detail than how the farm or ranch did as a whole.

Study Looks at Effect of Forage Source on Backgrounding

Stockpiled bermudagrass is a viable alternative to feeding hay to steers after weaning or receiving and prior to winter grazing.

WBDMA Data: Doe Harvest Doesn't 'Kill the Factory'

Since 1998, the percentage of yearling does in the total Walnut Bayou Deer Management Association doe harvest seems to be somewhat stable, leading us to conclude doe harvest at this level definitely does not "kill the factory."