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What if You Don't Use the Internet?

Posted Apr. 4, 2006

The Internet offers many good opportunities to deliver information quickly and at a very low cost. Many organizations, including the Noble Research Institute, continue to expand their use of this very valuable tool, and many people take advantage of the service. At the end of this newsletter, you will notice we are encouraging you to receive it by e-mail. During 2005, the Noble Research Institute's Agricultural Division Web site had an average of 3,760 visitors per day. We realize many of the people we seek to help do not have access to the Internet, or their access is very limited. In my opinion, many organizations have just ignored those without Internet capability. However, all public libraries have Internet facilities and can assist you. I encourage you to visit your library and learn about using the Internet.

We, along with many other organizations, are producing fact sheets, bulletins and other documents that are not printed they are electronic documents available on the Internet. When these documents are created, they are in a "printer-friendly format," which means someone could print it for you, or we can print it and mail it to you. My reason for writing this is to let you know we will continue to provide information in a printed form for those who desire it. Call (580) 224-6500 for a list of available publications, or the list is available at www.noble.org/Ag/.

The September 2005 issue of NF Ag News and Views listed new staff. Since that time, we have added additional staff, and we want you to know about them.

Scott Boyd, agricultural economist Boyd is the agricultural economist with the NF-1 consulting team. He joined Noble in September 2005. His areas of interest include financial budgeting and analysis, financial recordkeeping and strategic planning. He has a B.S. in agribusiness and an M.S. in agricultural economics from Kansas State University.

Amy Bridges, agricultural services and resources assistant Bridges became the agricultural services and resources assistant in January 2006. She had worked part time at Noble in the greenhouse and the Agricultural Division since April 2005. She has a B.S. from University of Science and Arts in Oklahoma and an M.B.A. from Cameron University.

Wayne McClure, research assistant McClure began with the Agricultural Division in January 2006 as a research assistant. Previously, he was self-employed building working facilities and structures for cattle and horses.

Becca McMillan, administrative assistant McMillan came to Noble in October 2005 as the administrative assistant for NF-2. She holds a B.S. in animal science with a minor in finance and marketing from Angelo State University.

Dr. Charles Rohla, horticulture specialist Rohla joined Noble in January 2006 as a horticulturist on the NF-3 and 4 teams. His graduate research focused on alternate bearing of pecans and the effect of carbohydrate concentration and nitrogen and potassium levels in pecan tissues. He has a B.S. in animal science, an M.S. in agriculture education and a Ph.D. in crop science, all from Oklahoma State University.

Steven Smith, wildlife and fisheries specialist Smith serves as the wildlife and fisheries specialist for the NF-3 and 4 consulting teams. Before arriving at Noble in January 2006, Smith worked for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission as a wildlife biologist in southwest Nebraska. He has a B.S. in wildlife and fisheries management and an M.S. in rangeland management from Oklahoma State University.

We are pleased to have these additions to our staff.