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Custom Hire Listings Now Available

Posted Aug. 31, 2005

The Noble Research Institute's Agricultural Division specialists frequently encounter producers who need specialized work done - bermudagrass sprigging, pecan harvesting, haying, cedar clearing, etc. Due to economics, many producers can't justify owning the equipment needed for these tasks. Many times, the specialists can direct producers to a service provider who does the custom work. However, this is not always the case, and producers are left not knowing where to find someone who does the needed work.

To help solve this problem, the Agricultural Division is providing the Custom Hire Listings, a new, free, online listing for agriculture service providers and potential customers. The Custom Hire Listings allow individuals or businesses to post services they provide so farm and ranch operators can locate the services they need.

Even though this service is set up for easy use, entries must be made by service providers for it to be successful. There are many producers and land owners who need custom work done, and finding a provider of the service needed is often difficult. That is why it is so important for service providers to list the work they do.

The Custom Hire Listings can be accessed by going to www.noble.org/apps/weblistings/customhire/. To create a listing, users must complete a one-time registration, if they have not already done so, and then make their listing by answering a few simple questions. Anyone can view listings without registering.

For more information, call the Foundation's Ag Helpline at (580) 224-6500.