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Ag News and Views: September 2005

Begin Succession Planning Now

It is estimated that up to 400 million acres of U.S. farmland will change hands in the next 20 years. Who will farm these acres? Who will farm or ranch on your acres?

Custom Hire Listings Now Available

The Noble Research Institute has added a new online listing service to connect agricultural service providers with potential customers.

Hoop House Strawberry Trial: Year Three

A report on the third year of the Noble Research Institute's hoop house strawberry variety trial which concluded in May 2005.

New Ag Division Staff in Place

In the June issue of NF Ag News and Views, I covered staff changes and listed the Agricultural Division's current organizational structure. Now, I am pleased to announce we've filled some of the open...

Rethinking Nitrate and Prussic Acid "Quick" Tests

Nitrate and prussic acid quick tests are not meant to be quantitative. At best, a quick test only indicates whether or not potentially dangerous levels of accumulation might exist in a sample.

There Are No 'Silver Bullets'

It is human nature to want to believe silver bullets exist, but, generally, this is not the case. As an example, consider the case of food plot mixtures being marketed at premium prices.

Use These Late-Season Weed, Brush Control Strategies

A management strategy to consider in the fall is the control of several hard-to-handle perennial weeds field bindweed, Johnsongrass, bermudagrass, Sericea lespedeza and brush.