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Ag News and Views: October 2005

Cattle Prices 2006: What to Expect

There are signs that the cattle cycle will be alive and well in 2006, with prices for all classes of cattle moving downward over the next few years. This price decline holds true to the cyclical nature of the cattle market.

Heterosis... Hype or Legit?

Now, it seems every publication you read or every expert you hear is talking about heterosis. So, you ask, "What's this fancy word 'heterosis,' and can I capitalize on it in my herd?" Well, simply put, heterosis is hybrid vigor.

How Much Quail Cover Can You Afford?

Much has been written regarding the subject of bobwhite quail habitat management. As you probably know by now, adequate cover, space, food and proper arrangement of these components are essential to developing good bobwhite habitat.

Low-Maintenance Fig Trees Produce Delicious Fruit

Allow me to introduce to you an old favorite of mine - a fruit that grows well here, is somewhat winter tender and a tasty delight - the fig. This fruit grows on a small tree which can be kept growing at a low height with light pruning.

Mechanical Tools for Eastern Red Cedar Control Evaluated

The other day, I thought to myself, "What if all the land area covered by Eastern red cedar was covered with thistles?" Since most thistles are listed as noxious weeds in Oklahoma and most other states as well, I believe there would be a great amount of action taken to control them. In my opinion, cedars are every bit as noxious as thistles, if not worse, and they are invading our land.

Plant Natural Products, Human Health and Agriculture: An Overview

People generally want to lead longer, healthier lives, but often find it difficult to change age-old habits of poor diet and physical inactivity. Commonly consumed crop plants are potential delivery vehicles for the chemicals that might help people attain their health goals. However, some of these chemicals are present in our major dietary crops at low levels or are, at present, limited to particular plant types.

Tips for 'Hanging On' in the Current Situation

Pre-hurricane-Katrina fuel prices had more than doubled, and nitrogen prices had increased about 26 percent over last year's price - it's gotten our attention, and now everyone is hurting. Farmers and ranchers find themselves trying to stretch every dollar even further than they normally have to.