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Ag News and Views: May 2005

Even With Record Cattle Prices, Value of Gain is Key

Even when cattle prices are at high levels, producers should consider the value of gain when making marketing decisions.

Fertilization, Mowing Critical to Turfgrass Health

Fertilization and attention to mowing technique are keys to a healthy lawn.

Nitrogen-Rich Strips - A New Way to Determine N Fertilizer Requirements

One method to determine nitrogen fertilizer requirements uses nitrogen-rich strips to supplement the use of yield goals as a basis for making fertilizer recommendations.

Nonresident Fellows Program: A Point of Excellence

The Agricultural Division's nonresident fellows program, finalized in fall 2002, solicits independent, critical review of our programs, processes and procedures.

Phosphorus Levels Can Affect Nitrogen's Impact on Forage Production

A lack of phosphorus in the soil directly affects forage production.

Proper Management Ensures Good Quality Fisheries in Ponds

Successful sport fish management in ponds addresses the physical or structural attributes of a pond, water quality, plant community, fish stocking, fish harvest, monitoring and records.

Watch Your Bulls During the Breeding Season

Bulls need to be managed all year, but especially during the breeding season. Don't turn them out and forget them.