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Ag Division's Web Site Full of New Information

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How long has it been since you visited the Noble Research Institute's Web site? Let's take a quick look ? go to www.noble.org. Though you may see several things on the home page that interest you, humor me, and click on the Agricultural Division link located on the left side of the screen (see Figure 1). Now, you should see the Agricultural Division home page. There are all kinds of links to other pages, but look for the new link to the Hunting and Recreational Lease Registry (http://www.noble.org/apps/weblistings/wildlifelease/). This is a completely new Web-based listing service that we are pleased to announce and furnish to you (see Figure 2).

Land owners and operators can make listings of potential leases, and prospective lessees are able to view leases that meet their search parameters. We are confident this service will be well received, particularly by lessees. If this service is going to succeed, though, land owners and operators must make listings. Creating a listing is easy, and there is no charge for the service. To create a listing, you need to do a one-time registration, and then create your listing by answering a few simple questions. If you have been an eCattleLog user, you can use the same account and user information for the Registry. This service is easy to use and potentially beneficial to a lot of people. Help us make this a useful service by adding your listings.

Now, bear with me again and scroll to the bottom of the Ag home page. In the lower right hand corner, click on the calendar icon or link. Now you will see a listing of most of the public events we are sponsoring in 2005. Notice that you have already missed several events, but they are in the past, so we will not dwell on them. As you scroll through these, you will see that most of the nearby events have a link you can use to register online.

This should be a convenience to you, and it's easy to accomplish. Also, notice there are links to more information related to the event you are viewing. Soon, we will also have online payment available. Using the online payment method will eliminate the need to send a check in the mail.

Several of our users have inquired about these features, and we are glad to accommodate them. You may recall that several events have a limited number of spaces ? so the sooner you register, the better your chances of attending. Remember, you are not officially registered until your fee is paid. You should also note that you must cancel prior to the event or forfeit your fee (cancellation time varies with each event).

Finally, I encourage you to view the vast amount of diverse information available on our Web site. I hope you have learned about some "stuff" that will make life simpler and/or more profitable for you. If you have questions, please contact us at (580) 224-6500.