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Ag News and Views: June 2005

Ag Divison Update: Staff Changes

Recent staff departures, reassignments and announced retirements have changed the make-up of the Agricultural Division's consulting teams.

How Do You Stay in the Upper "Range" of Things?

Many areas of north Texas and southern Oklahoma rangeland have improved dramatically in terms of species composition and forage production. What can we do to keep it that way?

Invest Time in Buying Good Hay

There are many advantages to buying hay, but one of the drawbacks is finding hay that meets your expectations of quality - here are a few hints to assure that the hay you buy is a good value.

Operating Costs of ATVs Vary Widely

The Noble Research Institute now has four years of data on the its fleet of ATVs. Here's a look at what it costs to operate these units.

Ryegrass: It's Not a Weed Anymore

In light of the recent increased enforcement of the Plant Variety Protection Act, farmers and ranchers need options for affordably producing winter pasture for stocker cattle. One option is ryegrass.

Study Examines Reproductive Success in Female White-Tailed Deer

Through its collaborative efforts with Mississippi State University and Texas A&M University, the Noble Research Institute is beginning to look at the female side of reproductive success in white-tailed deer. Results are preliminary, but very interesting.

Use These Tips to Manage Hoop House Soil Salinity

Though there are many benefits to growing crops in hoop houses, it is not completely without problems. At the Noble Research Institute, the most persistent problem in the hoop houses is accumulation of salt in the raised beds.