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Ag News and Views: January 2005

Consider These Things Before Sprigging Bermudagrass This Spring

Sprigging bermudagrass is an expensive investment, but, if done correctly, it will quickly pay for itself.

Management Functions Are Essential to Successful Farm Businesses

The quality of the decisions made by management is an important component in determining the longevity of the business.

Minimize Calving Difficulty by Knowing What to Look For

Anyone who's been through even one calving season has most likely dealt with calving difficulty.

Still "Tis The Season" for Prescribed Burning

Winter and early spring are the most common times of the year for landowners to conduct prescribed (Rx) burns. Dormant warm-season grasses provide the fine fuel for most burns during these time...

The Costs of Hay Waste Add Up

Much of the value of hay production is not captured due to feeding and storage losses, which add up to $3 billion nationwide.

Which Plants Spark Your Interest?

When you were young, did you have a plant you wanted to know more about? For me, it was Punica granatum - pomegranate.