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Ag Division to Increase Interaction With Other Ag Agencies, Agribusinesses

Posted Apr. 1, 2005

Although the is directed primarily toward land managers, many others who have some connection to agriculture also read it. During 2004, the Agricultural Division began increasing its interaction with agencies and other groups who are also connected with ag producers. There are many reasons why this interaction and collaboration should occur. Some of them are:

  • When the Noble Research Institute consulting program began in 1957, it was a joint effort with the Extension service, various United States Department of Agriculture agencies and other groups.
  • A 2003 survey of our cooperators showed that 53 percent of them utilized the services of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, 51 percent utilized university Extension service and 45 percent asked feed/fertilizer dealers for information.
  • The combined efforts of two or more groups, utilizing the strengths of each, often yield greater benefits than the total of all working independently.


Part of the reason for including this article is that the Ag Division's 2005 goals include even more interaction and collaboration with university Extension, USDA agencies, agri-business and others. Some of you have already been contacted by members of our staff, and several joint projects are now occurring. Others will be contacted during 2005, and we hope you will not only be willing to increase our collaboration, but will have suggestions about how we can do more together.

Here's a partial list of the specific goals:

  • Identify and contact personnel at all Extension and USDA offices within our service area;
  • Identify and contact appropriate agri-businesses within our service area and provide educational materials and/or programs;
  • Each consulting team will conduct a specific number of meetings with agri-business entities within our service area;
  • Investigate potential for collaboration with selected organizations to conduct an animal identification project;
  • Assist with and participate in functions hosted by ag-related organizations;
  • Collaborate with other agencies or organizations to host at least eight events;
  • Collaborate with universities, agencies and industry to develop and implement appropriate research projects.


Since the Noble Research Institute's beginning in 1945, we have always considered collaboration and interaction with others very important. In fact, a portion of the Agricultural Division mission statement, developed in 2000, says, "We will integrate our accumulation of new knowledge and experience with that of other organizations and producers to help people help each other practice responsible and effective land management and agricultural pursuits. We measure ourselves by the achievements of our cooperators and collaborators."

The benefits from our present interaction and collaboration with many of you have been very significant. These benefits are motivating and encouraging us to do more, and we certainly hope those who are yet to be contacted will join us.