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Ag News and Views: April 2005

Ag Division to Increase Interaction With Other Ag Agencies, Agribusinesses

During 2004, the Agricultural Division began increasing its interaction with agencies and other groups who are also connected with ag producers. The division plans to expand these activities in 2005.

Communication Can Help Reduce the Incidence of Herbicide Drift Damage to Alternative Crops

Drift damage to alternative crops is a common occurrence in southern Oklahoma and north Texas, where herbicides are routinely applied to pastures and rangeland. With increased crop diversity, there is an accompanying increased risk of crop injury due to herbicide drift.

EPD Basics: What They Are and How to Use Them

Expected progeny differences (EPDs) are one of the most useful tools cow-calf producers have at their disposal, but they must understand what they are and how to correctly use them.

Fire Ants: The Invasion Continues

The number of fire ants seems to have increased noticeably in south central Oklahoma in the last couple of years, and the number calls and complaints the Noble Research Institute receives have skyrocketed.

Hunting for a Good Lease? Check Out the Foundation's New Web Site

The free Web-based Hunting and Recreational Lease Registry was developed to address the cost of advertising for landowners (and outfitters), to fully describe the landowner's services and to direct those looking for a lease.

Now May Be the Time to Refinance

Timing is very important in agriculture there are occasions where one week's difference in time of planting, harvesting or selling means the difference between a "good" year and a "bad" year.