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Ag News and Views: September 2004

For Best Results, Thin Fruit When It Is Small

It stands to reason that removing excess fruit before it has a chance to mature will increase the size and flavor of fruit remaining on the tree to mature.

Herd Health: More Than a Vaccination Program

A herd-wide health program for all classes of animals is essential for at least two reasons: first, only healthy animals can perform at their genetic potential; second, every producer is responsible for doing his or her part in generating a safe, wholesome, quality commodity for the eventual consumer.

Think Before Planting Food Plots

Food plots can be used to increase visibility of deer for hunting or other purposes. Although popular, food plots do not always accomplish intended deer management goals. Several factors should be evaluated to ensure the success of food plots.

Tort Reform Helps Oklahoma Landowners

The "Oklahoma Limitation of Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act" is designed to encourage landowners to make their farming and ranching land available for outdoor recreational purposes, and it limits the participating landowners' liability to persons entering on or using the land for such recreational purposes.

Use These Methods to Reduce Hay Feeding Costs

While some type of a hay feeding period is usually unavoidable, there are ways to reduce costs.

What's the Effect of Nitrogen Rate and Timing of Application on Stockpiled Bermudagrass?

Feeding hay through the winter accounts for a large portion of the costs associated with cow-calf production, so forage management strategies to lengthen the grazing season and reduce hay consumption could be beneficial in increasing profitability.