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Ag News and Views: October 2004

Forage Variety Production Notes: Bermudagrass, Alfalfa and Cool-Season Perennial Grass Evaluations

This report includes a production update for 2004 of two current bermudagrass variety trials on the Ardmore Headquarters Farm.

Hoop House Strawberry Trial: Same Song, Second Verse

In May 2004, we concluded the second year of the Noble Research Institute's hoop house strawberry trial, the objective of which is to evaluate the performance of commercial strawberry varieties grown in the growth-enhancing environment of a hoop house.

Project Could Help Reduce Drought's Impact on Producers

Drought is a dirty word around these parts. A project between the Noble Research Institute and Texas A&M University hopes to help regional producers with a system to forecast probable forage growth conditions up to 90 days in the future.

Proper Care of Venison is Necessary for Excellent-Quality Meat

All venison is not equal. Venison can be consistently excellent table fare, or, with poor handling and preparation, can be about the quality of a boot sole.

Review Pasture, Corral Handling Basics

Keep these tips in mind when handling cattle in the pasture and corrals.

Use Technology Now to Benefit Your Operation

While the computer's use as a financial record-keeping tool will continue to be my emphasis, there are other opportunities for the use of the computer, particularly through the Internet.

What Is a Soil Test Worth to You?

There are two ways to measure the value of a soil test - one way is to look at the cost of lost production from inefficient fertilizer use, and another is to look at potential cost savings if over-fertilization is stopped.