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Information Available About Grapes

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Here's a little quiz to start off the New Year:
Grapes: A) Can improve the value of the land B) Are increasing in popularity C) Are increasing in value.

Which statement is true?

All the above! Grapes have been grown commercially in Oklahoma for years and offer diversity as well as a possibility for profit. There is much information available for those of you interested in grape production. Questions such as "What is available as to establishment of the crop," "What information do I need to estimate my profits/losses?" and "Who can I turn to for more education on grape production?" can be answered by attending one of the following classes:

Dr. Dean McCraw, retired OSU grape specialist, will teach an educational short course in 2004. Look for the class at the Perkins Fruit Station south of the OSU/Stillwater campus. It is held one Thursday every month starting in February and running through October. The cost is $250 per individual, and the contact phone number is (405) 744-5404.

North Texas
This class is at the Grayson County College T.V. Munson Viticulture Center in the Sherman-Denison area of north Texas. It is offered on a Friday and Saturday class schedule beginning in January 2004. The class is taught by Dr. George Ray McEachern, retired Texas A&M Extension grape specialist. Contact them at (903) 465-6030.

Other educational contacts
Edward Hellman, associate professor of viticulture at the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at Lubbock. You can contact him at Rt. 3, Box 213AA, Lubbock, TX 79403 or (806) 746-6101.

Information essential to an enterprise plan is as follows (figures reflect costs on a per acre basis):

  • Establishment of vines cost $3,500-6,500
  • Varieties processed fruit or wine
  • Irrigation development $1,400-3,800
  • Land preparations $300
  • Production time 3 years
  • Trellis $700-2,000
  • Harvest requirements hand labor
  • Product marketing Sell as fruit or wine