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Great Resources Available on the Web

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Posted Feb. 1, 2004

The Internet is a tremendous source of information about nearly anything unfortunately, it can sometimes overwhelm the faint hearted or inexperienced. Searches turn up hundreds of thousands of pages of "matches," but sometimes you can't sort through it to find what you want. And most of the time, what is there is just an electronic copy of a printed fact sheet or catalog.

However, there are some pretty interesting things on the Internet that you can't get in a printed fact sheet. The Noble Research Institute has several and many other Web sites do as well. I'll review a few of my favorites.

On the eCattlelog, you can list and search for cattle for sale or for contract grazing. You can also list and search for hay for sale or pasture for lease.

NF Feed Library
On the Noble Research Institute's Feed Library, you can research feed ingredients you are considering using in your operation. Nutritional information, physical properties, descriptions and pictures are available for several hundred feeds.

NF Protein Calculator
This template allows you to compare protein supplement options and determine which one is most economical in your specific situation. Bring the feed tags and prices, and the template does the calculations.

NF Plant Image Gallery
Don't know what buffalograss looks like? Check here. This is the most popular page on the Foundation's Web site.

Sire Summary Searches
With these tools, you can find bulls that meet your EPD specifications.