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Ag News and Views: February 2004

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pounds (of Forage)

The photos in this article depict bermudagrass and annual ryegrass with different heights and densities along with the actual production values (pounds/acre) for these plots these examples should help producers "calibrate their eyes" and/or give them a reference for a known quantity of forage per acre to compare to their specific situations to more accurately determine forage production.

A Written Prescribed Burning Plan Helps to Accomplish Goals

A well-written prescribed burning plan accomplishes several positive things.

Don't Overlook Role of Potassium

Several new research and demonstration projects are slated to start on 2004.

Great Resources Available on the Web

The Internet is a tremendous source of information about nearly anything this is a review of some of the Foundation's, and others', best sites.

How Do You Make Decisions?

Every farm or ranch has some type of information system the quality of the information gathered by a system only has value if it is used to make decisions.

New Projects Set to Begin in 2004

All too often, the importance of potassium is overlooked in bermudagrass forage production systems.

Nutrients Important for Good Pecan Crop

Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for pecan trees, and ensuring it's properly supplied to them could be the key to a good crop in 2004.