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Ag News and Views: August 2004

Beef Quality Assurance Programs Benefit Producers, Consumers

BQA is a program that is nationally sponsored by the National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA). The program's mission is "& to maximize consumer confidence in and acceptance of beef by focusing the industry's attention on beef quality assurance through the use of science, research and educational initiatives."

Follow This Checklist for Growing Winter Pasture

Most winter pasture fields are planted in late August or early September to optimize the potential for getting grazing in the fall; having a plan made beforehand can eliminate possible mistakes at planting time.

Foundation's Plant Biology Division Works Toward Alfalfa Improvement

The Plant Biology, Forage Improvement and Agricultural divisions of the Noble Research Institute have recently initiated an interdivisional program to improve the forage quality and stand longevity of alfalfa in order to deliver to farmers and ranchers a novel source of high-quality forage.

Net Present Value Analysis Can Aid in Cattle Business Decision Making

An objective answer to the profit potential of cow-calf pairs purchased (or heifers retained) today can be arrived at by conducting a net present value analysis of the cost and income streams associated with owning cows for the next several years.

Recent Effective Rains Have Benefitted Forage

The term "effective precipitation" means precipitation which is actually captured in the soil profile and available for plant growth.

White-Tailed Deer Information to be Shared at Sept. 25, 2004 Seminar

A White-tailed Deer Seminar will be held at the Pontotoc Technology Center Auditorium at 601 West 33rd Street in Ada, Okla., from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 25, 2004, followed by an in-depth session at the Noble Research Institute's Wildlife Unit.