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Ag News and Views: May 2003

Cool Season Forage Variety Production Update

This is a mid-season report of the small grains and ryegrass variety testing for the 2002-2003 season. Small-grain varieties and experimental strains again were planted at both the Headquarters Farm (HQF) and the Red River Demonstration and Research Farm (RRDRF), and ryegrass varieties and strains are being grown at the Pasture Demonstration Farm.

Do Your Forage Selection Homework

There are lots of shiny advertisements in the popular press for forages that sound like the best thing to come along since ice cream, washing machines or any other item that has improved mankind. Before buying into fancy sounding claims for forage selection, follow the homework assignment given in this article.

Generic vs. Name-brand Herbicides: Which Is Best for Your Operation?

Choosing the correct chemical for the job is essential, but keeping up with changing chemical brand names, especially with all the generics on the market today is a difficult chore.

Give Yourself Credit for Knowing

With the current level of interest rates, an astute business person should spend time "shopping for credit" to save on interest expense.

Start at the Beginning ... Conception

Regardless of how well you manage the herd during calving, suckling phase, weaning process, or beyond, conception rate is the primary factor in a successful cow/calf enterprise.

Submit Your Extraordinary Plants

Look for extraordinary plants in the landscape that have some of the following attributes: flowering length, color of bloom, trunk or bark coloration, drought tolerance, ease of propagation, annual growth per year, fall color, evergreen, plants that do not normally grow here, freeze tolerance, heat tolerance, salt tolerance or poor soil tolerance.

Think About Use Before Constructing Ponds

Many landowners are building and stocking new ponds, as well as re-stocking old ponds that dried up, with fish to increase water reserves and provide fisheries for family enjoyment or income. It's good to take time to consider all of the values that ponds have to offer before actually beginning the dirt work.